DigischoolTM is HCL Learning’s well-researched innovative and interactive learning solution. It is an effective amalgamation of rich content, digital interactive tools and resources to enhance the quality of education for classes from KG-12.

The rich content is mapped to CBSE, ICSE and various State Board syllabi to make the learning experience in classrooms scientific, meaningful and enjoyable—translating into better learning as an outcome. Thousands of schools across the country are experiencing the DigischoolTM advantage.

Digischool’s philosophy of ‘Equipped Teaching & Easy Learning’ is well-interwoven in DigischoolTM content, infrastructure and services to keep your school at the frontier of global education. Teachers are equipped with latest technological tools and learners find it easy to grasp different topics and concepts taught in the classroom.

DigischoolTM is a unique classroom solution which is not just Student-centric but also Teacher-led. The high-quality interactive content complements the existing CBSE, ICSE and various State Boards syllabi to help teachers integrate technology into their teaching.

How DigischoolTM provides equipped teaching and easy learning?

Equipped Teaching

As a Teacher–led solution, it provides rich content as well as the system to enable a participative instructor-led learning experience supported by strong media.Teachers are empowered to integrate dynamic and static content using a single application, which helps to create powerful learning environments for the students.

Easy Learning

As a Student-Centric solution, it offers interactive multimedia learning repository for all classes (K-12), allowing students to play a collaborative role in learning. Students can use an Interactive White Board (IWB) to work collaboratively with visuals, or interactivities.

DigischoolTM imbibes 21st century skills. Twenty-first-century learning is imperative for students to be academically competitive in today’s global scenario.